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Portrait Photography for Absolute Beginners

 Portrait Photography for Absolute Beginners

Compositional Techniques for Portraits, Lighting skills, Tips for Corporate Portraits, Wedding and Event Portraits

Portrait Photography for Absolute Beginners

What you'll learn

Will learn basic and advanced topics of amazing portraits

Will learn compositional techniques of cool portraits

Will learn how to create bokeh and blur effect

Will learn advanced lighting skills of portratis

Will learn to shoot amazing corporate head shots

Will learn tips and tricks for Indoor Portraits

Will learn tips and tricks for Outdoor Portraits


No Prior Knowledge on Photography Required


Course Contents

Introduction to Portrait Photography

What makes a portrait look great?

Recommended equipment for better portraits

Compositional techniques for cool portraits

Tips for better backgrounds in portraits

Lighting skills for amazing portraits

Bokeh and Blur

Example of poses for better portraits

Tips for child portraits

Tips for corporate portraits and head-shots

Tips for wedding and event portraits

Tips for Indoor Portraits

Tips for Outdoor Portraits

Who this course is for:

Who wanna learn compositional techniques of great portraits

Who wanna learn lighting skills of better portraits

Who wanna shoot amazing head shots and corporate shots

Who wanna shoot amazing wedding shots

Who wanna shoot amazing event portraits 

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